About save-money.org

We founded save-money.org on the basic premise that an algorithm alone cannot work as well as users like you.

When it comes to the web’s massive collection of money saving resources, your intuition and experience is way more valuable that the claims of a site that is big on promises and low on actual money-saving potential. Working together to find and promote only the highest quality resources for saving smarter to our community, we all work together in a friendly, free environment where you don’t just learn how and where to save, you forge connections and have. Wherever you are on mission to save more money, our community is a reliable guide to saving smarter and on your own terms.

So what makes save-money.org different?

Look, we’ve seen the sites out there promising the best deals and tips for smart saving that deliver a user experience headache more often than great deals. We wanted to cut through the cutesy design and complex features to make save-money.org the most intuitive, easy-to-use platform of its kind.

First - Browse the best web’s money-saving resources

Your time is precious, so we won’t let you waste it on a search function that delivers irrelevant,excessive, or outdated results. You are in control when you select the Life Situation, Location, and Website type for the deals you’re seeking, save-money.org then pulls up the most compelling finds from its massive global database of deals. Need restaurant deals in a super-remote location? We’ll get you the most trusted local websites with reviews you can trust. Relocating to Singapore or downshifting to Bali? The best travel and housing guides are a click away. Want to read in your own language? Of course you do! Pick from the 38 that our site comes in. So if you’re ready for these deals, the deals are ready for you.

Second - Ask questions, get answers and help others

The Money Savers Ask & Answer (Forum) is the central nervous system of our community: as you forge connections with other users, you contribute to delivering powerful signals of reward and danger that benefit you and our community, making all users successful in saving smarter. It starts with you joining a lively conversation about a particular saving website or life situation. Maybe you write a review or ask questions about someone else’s. You devour tips and tricks, gaining valuable insights on money-saving resources while sharing some of your own. Soon, you’re a trusted member of the team, every one of whom has something special to offer. From the once-in-a-lifetime travel deal to the apartment rental websites to steer clear of due to suspicions of fraudulent or unaccountable practices. Together you make it possible to connect on fun perks like freebies, coupons, and flash sales, but also to connect to a global network of smart, engaged savers who share your vision of better saving through collaboration.

Have something to tell us? We want to hear from you! Please fill in the contact form below and share your thoughts, praises or concerns.