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NerdWallet makes it simple to find the best deals on credit cards, insurance, mortgage rates and more. It will help to save time, reduce your monthly payments and rest easily.

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Globaltestmarket.com is a fast way to make money online by taking paid surveys.

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MySurvey, is an online paid surveys community where consumers influence future products and services by participating in consumer research. Members are getting rewarded for their contribution.

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hourlysalaries.com is a US-created calculator that converts a given hourly wage to a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly salary, so it helps you to plan your finances. The site also has a big collection of links to other online calculators.

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StudyInEurope has an unique database with university information. You can compare European secondary institutions across several important areas - such as tuition fees, financial assistance available, location, cost of living, and language of the courses.

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Comparis.ch is the leading Swiss Internet comparison service. The consumers can compare rates and services of health insurances, other insurances, banks, telecom providers, property, vehicles and special offers from retailers - quickly and easily.

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Mestravaux is an online calculator for costs of your construction projects, renovation of your home or apartment.

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Odevis is a website that provides advice and quotes for building, financing, and insuring a property.

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Canstar is a comparison website that uses star ratings system to compare loans, credit cards, insurances, investment instruments, etc. in New Zealand. It is designed to help consumers increase their chances of finding the right product. They would encourage you to add five-star products to your shopping list.

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On CANSTAR you can compare Australian financial products: credits, deposits, mortgages, other banking instruments, insurance and investment. Find best products by user ratings.