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Mytravelcost.com compares travel costs all around the world.

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The website that has the most accurate and real-time fuel prices at over 140,000 stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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Globalpetrolprices.com compares and records the fuel and gasoline prices all over the world.

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Find the lowest gas prices in your area and save money with GasPriceWatch.com. It is an American website where you can find information about gas, gas prices map and saving tips.

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Bensinbolaget.se is a Swedish website where you can find the cheapest petrol prices, diesel prices and the price of ethanol in each area of Sweden. The prices are updated everyday as the market changes.

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Compare fuel prices and save money. Fuelo.net keeps you informed about the current prices of fuel and the road conditions. Here you can find the most precise map of petrol stations in Europe and the current information about the services they offer.

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multigo.ru allows you to save money by comparing fuel prices in Russia based on your Geo location. In addition, MultiGo helps to plan your trip in between cities, so that you have petrol stations on your way to the destination.

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Zagaz.com is a French website where you can compare fuel prices in France. Pay less when you can and still travel a lot.

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Carbu.com is a fuel comparison website in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. CARBU.COM helps consumers to optimize their energy budget with the best prices.

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Mazote.ma is a Moroccan comparison website. This page will save you money, because is the Morocco's first gasoline and diesel price comperator.