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Avbuyer.com is a marketplace for aircrafts, aviation products, and services.

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Eljet is a US-established aggregator of charter partners network offers of private jet charter, including empty legs search. The site allows to compare prices and to book directly from the site. Keep your budget, because Eljet promises the lowest commission in the industry.

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ParamountBusinessJets.com is a US-headquartered company offering all types of services pertaining private jets: renting, group charter, buying and selling, etc. Save you money by comparing prices from different providers aggregated on the site.

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AirCharterService is a US-founded company aggregating offers of private jet services worldwide, including jet charter, group charter, cargo charter.

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AirCharter is a US company aggregating offers of different types of jet services: jet rental, air charter, empty legs, fractal ownership, including special services such as funeral charter. Save you money by using the cost calculator, which includes all the prices and commissions.

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Jets.com is a US-based, but operating globally, private jet aggregator that also provides such money-saving features as a subscription to 25 hours of flight (25 hours jet card) or on-demand charter.

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LuxuryAircraftSolutions is US-based, but operating globally, aggregator of private jet owners offers to rent a jet on-demand or by a jet card, as well as cargo charters and empty leg flights. Save you money by comparing variants and choosing the best option.

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PriorityOneJets is US-based, but operating globally, aggregator of private jet charter services, including cargo jet charter. Save you money by comparing and choosing the best option.

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Find an aircraft dealer near you and save time and money. Controller.com is an American website which offers used aircraft and detailed aircraft sale listings, including Cessna aircraft, Boeing aircraft, Cessna for sale (featuring used Cessna) and aircraft classifieds.

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Planesales.com.au is a classifieds advertising database of aircraft for sale, primarily for the Australian and New Zealand markets.