Money Savers Glossary

Here, at we focus on the resources, which can bring the most value for smarter savings:

1. Aggregator

is a website that aggregates information (content, deals) from multiple online resources. The results are fetched instantly, up-to-date information, e.g. Skyscanner.

  • save-money benefit here: at one place you can collect the offers, deals, content. So, no time waste for search. Some aggregators offer comparison & booking, direct contact with providers.

2. Community-sharing

is a platform to facilitate the members of the community, who are connected around shared interests. These can be a broad-based or niche communities, e.g. Kickstarter.

  • save-money benefit here: Powered by the crowd-consumption, crowd-funding the websites provide opportunities to get stuff/goods/ services for free, or get financing.

3. Comparison

are mostly shopping search engines, which allow users to filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews and other criteria. These websites provide data from numerous resources (scrap the web, or info is provided by sellers). Often there are wizards or calculators, so that you can get a personalized comparison offer, e.g. uSwitch.

  • save-money benefit here: very straightforward. Compare the options and choose the best price.

4. Freebies, coupons

Tell me, who doesn’t like a free stuff? :)

These types of websites are hosting the free stuff (content, goods, services) and/ or present the discount offers, giveaways, deals and coupons from sellers. E.g. Groupon.

  • save-money benefit here: very straightforward. Free of charge, discounted prices

5. Local classifieds

These websites host local short advertisements from individuals and local business, e.g. Gumtree.

  • save-money benefit here: direct access to the local seller/provider/ client. When you are remote (from overseas) it is the fastest and direct way to find & reach local resources.

6. Marketplaces

are the platforms, which often operate in a specific niche, connect the clients & providers (goods/ services) at one place. Often there are options for direct messaging, payment gateway, reviews. A number of marketplaces are in the field of freelancing, but other interesting niche also represented. Check this section, e.g. Upwork.

  • save-money benefit here: find what you need at one place, worldwide.