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How to make money from home ?

Recently I got fired from work..And now I really consider starting to work from home. I have gathered some information on this topic, but so far seems like the options are: to become a freelancer in whatever I am good at, to become a blogger :D and that is pretty much it..
Do you have any other ideas apart from freelancing and blogging? I would appreciate if you could share some good advice with me!
User 159, Norway 11/07/2017

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Actually, there is quite a number of companies that are offering remote work opportunities. Try to find lists of companies offering work-from-home jobs in your region.
A friend of mine is actually getting paid for taking funny surveys, which I find silly. But it is another option.
Russian Federation
Well, being a blogger is not the worst job (if you call it this way) in the world). But of course there are also other options, like tutoring, proofreading, earning money by doing different internet searches, what else..