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Living with parents

I’m facing a dilemma now..I’m a student and I’m debating either to stay at my parent’s house or find my own place whilst I study. Currently, I’m leaning towards on going to a university which is in the same city I live in now (with my parents). At the moment I have a part-time job but I doubt that it will cover all of the costs for a separate apartment.
Is it worth staying with my parents whilst I’m in the uni and save up to move out when I graduate?
BeatriXX, United Kingdom 24/04/2017

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BeatriXX, I would suggest you to live alone, or at least to live in collocation. Trust me, it is worth it! You become independent, you can live up to your own principles, only count on yourself. You get to realize that you are the one responsible for your own life, not your parents. Whenever you have a chance to separate from your family- do it. Another tip- for you to understand whether you are able to survive on your own and ready to separate, apply for Erasmus exchange program that usually lasts from 6 up to 12 month. There you will get an liberating, super valuable and unforgettable experience experience. Hope this will help you :)