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Wedding on a budget

Guys, I need your advice! Recently I proposed my girlfriend and we are planning to get married in the nearest future. But the thing is- since the proposal we actually started to argue a lot, as we have different views on how the wedding should be organized, the budget, how many guests we should invite, etc. So here comes the question- how to deal with all those major issues ? If you can share your experience and advice, I would really appreciate that!
Matīss, Ireland 12/07/2017

How to make money from home ?

Recently I got fired from work..And now I really consider starting to work from home. I have gathered some information on this topic, but so far seems like the options are: to become a freelancer in whatever I am good at, to become a blogger :D and that is pretty much it..
Do you have any other ideas apart from freelancing and blogging? I would appreciate if you could share some good advice with me!
User 159, Norway 11/07/2017

Living with parents

I’m facing a dilemma now..I’m a student and I’m debating either to stay at my parent’s house or find my own place whilst I study. Currently, I’m leaning towards on going to a university which is in the same city I live in now (with my parents). At the moment I have a part-time job but I doubt that it will cover all of the costs for a separate apartment.
Is it worth staying with my parents whilst I’m in the uni and save up to move out when I graduate?
BeatriXX, United Kingdom 24/04/2017

Cheap rentals for my holiday

I want to start planning my summer vacation. For this vacation I have decided that I want to save some money on my accommodation, so I could spend more on some activities or local cuisine. My goal is to find some cheap rentals. Anyone has any tips? Maybe some successful haggling story with the oweners? :D
Diego_Ruiz, Spain 24/04/2017

Friends who aren't frugal

As I consider myself as a frugal person, often I have an issue with my 'non-frugal' friends. Basically, when I get together with some of my friends I tend to spend more money than I would like to. Every time we meet they either want to get some coffee or quick meal on the's hard because I never spend extra money on these things. Eventually these expenses add up (around $50 a month) so now when I go out with them I try to plan and prepare myself that I will have to spend more than I would want.

I'm curious.. how frugal are you when meeting up with friends?
Omar, United States 24/04/2017

House furnished for free?

I only wanted to express my opinion on second-hand sale sites and Facebook groups. I have started to encourage people to recycle and exchange their unwanted or used stuff because you really can save up money by doing this.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Gumtree because I've snatched good bargains on there, like, I recently got a sofa in a great condition only for £15!! It is indeed a great way how to get items for your house. I believe these sites are big money savers..
What do you guys think of second-hand sites? Any good bargains recently?
Bro_Ben, United Kingdom 21/04/2017