4 Ways to Graduate Debt Free

Mariya, Latvia

05/07/2017 in Education

debt free education

Whether you agree with tuition fees or not, the fact is that in many countries higher education is simply expensive. Obtaining a degree or another certificate of higher education is an aspiration for many people today but it can often leave those graduating with a crippling amount of debt.

If you’ve been looking at ways to fund the next steps in your educational journey, you’re sure to have considered loans and working alongside studying and but there are other options too. Furthering your career opportunities through education doesn’t have to mean debt mounting up or juggling multiple jobs to make tuition fee payments. Here are four options you might not have thought of when looking for a solution.

Grants and scholarships – Covering either a portion of your tuition or all of it, grants and scholarships offer a cost-free way to meet your higher education goals, whether you have a bachelor degree in mind or a PhD. One of the challenges of this route is finding the right option for you. Save Money has a dedicated education grants and subsidy page within its catalogue, perfect for saving cash and improving your prospects. Among the top picks are worldwide platforms for study scholarships International Scholarships and Scholarship Positions which will finance your higher education. If you are interested in British universities, then try Scholarship-Search to find scholarships for students in the UK.

High demand fields – Many countries are experiencing skill gaps in certain areas and are willing to subsidise or waive tuition fees for those that are eager to study within these fields. You’ll often have to commit to working within a certain organisation for a set number of years on graduation but if you’re interested in a high demand profession, it can mean graduating debt free and in relative job security when you choose free university courses. On website like Coursera you can join for free and find well-known university courses. Check the full list of free Online courses on save-money.org.

Combine with an apprenticeship – This option might mean it takes you longer to complete your course but it’s a consideration if you’re worried about money. Combining studying with an apprenticeship or finding an employer to sponsor you also means you’ll graduate with some invaluable experience too, putting you in an enviable position when it comes to job searching. However, there are restrictions and it can be competitive to secure this type of funding, plus you may be required to work for a set period of time within a company to compensate the investment they’ve made in your education. Seems intriguing? Check out Jobs, Staff section for finding a job which fits you the most.

Look abroad at tuition free countries – There are countries across the world where there is free higher education, even for international students. If you’re searching for an adventure, looking abroad could be perfect for you. Scandinavian states, Germany, and the Czech Republic are all options you could consider for graduating without any tuition debt. Save Money brings together numerous resources, including Study Portals, for when you’re looking to study abroad for free. For debt-free studies in USA check Find Tuition and International Student. There are many more international student scholarships in Grants, Subsidy section.

With multiple ways to explore further education without racking more debt, you can start planning your course now. Or perhaps you think that higher education is no longer necessary to secure the top career opportunities. Let us know what you think about higher education and tuition fees!