6 Little Known Ways to Save Money On Your Monthly Grocery Bill

Mariya, Latvia

05/07/2017 in Home

how to save on food bills

Whether you purchase food just for you or a large family, saving cash on your everyday purchases doesn’t have to be complicated or mean missing out on your favourite dishes. As an expense week in, week out the amount you spend on groceries mounts up over the year and making even a small saving each week can save you a lot.
Eager to save money on your weekly food shop now? These six tips could be just what you need to ensure you have extra cash in your wallet every month:

  1. Use a price comparison site – If there’s a supermarket you always head to, you might not be getting the best deal. ‘How much money can I save on food?’ is a common question and one that price comparison sites give you a direct answer to. On MySupermarket you can find the best supermarket deals in UK. For those who wonder ‘Which is cheaper – Tesco value range or Lidl?’ check out another UK’s site SuperMarket. No worries if you don’t live in UK, other countries also have websites where you can check grocery store weekly circulars, for example, on SkidkaOnline you can see all supermarket deals in Russia. The full list of websites for supermarket deals in other countries you can see at the end of the article.

  2. Cashback schemes – You don’t just have to factor in the actual price of items, sometimes loyalty schemes can make shopping somewhere different well worth the effort. We don’t just feature price comparisons on our site either, you could find a cashback scheme to take advantage of too among the pages of the catalogue.

  3. Search for online discounts – You’ll always spot discounts and offers as you walk the supermarket aisles. However, heading online can mean getting your hands on further deals. We’ve placed some of the best places you can head for incredible, money saving discounts in the Home section of our catalogue.

  4. Keep an eye out for coupons – While digital is taking over and offers a great place to find discounts, coupons still have their place too. They can give you a great way to reduce your shopping bill, especially if you can your hands on ones for products you would usually buy. Daily deals websites often offer 2-for-1 restaurant deals, browse Freebies and coupons section which is another way how to save money on groceries.

  5. Check out budget foodie blogs – Whether you’re looking for cheap meals to feed a family of five or budget friendly ideas for a romantic meal in, foodie blogs have some great recipes. They don’t all require expensive ingredients and cooking know-how either, there are plenty that are made with saving the pennies in mind. More budget-friendly recipes can be found on save-money.org Cooking section.

  6. Get free shipping – Shopping for groceries online offers plenty of benefits, not least the convenience of it. But paying for shipping can mean you end up paying out more. Search around to see who offers a free delivery option or when the best times for discounted shipping are.
    Have you got any tips for reducing your grocery bill or a site that you always head to? We’d love to hear from you.

Full list of supermarket comparison websites:

Finnish platform for shop deals comparison:
Froodly allows to find supermarket food with still-fresh discounts of up to 70% around Finland. Start shopping smart and ecological way.
This website has a good cause- it helps to fight food waste while helping you to save money on your favourite food.

Norwegean platform that allows to compare prices in different supermarkets:
Enhver is a trustful mediator that allows you to check out grocery prices in different supermarkets across Norway, compare them and make smart decisions.
What I like the most are weekly comparative tables where you can clearly see the price range on particular food items in various shops. In addition, special offer newspapers from all Norwegian shops are collected here for you.

Greek platforms offering price comparison for groceries:
Timimas- allows you to create shopping list, browse Timimas for particular products and find out in which store the product costs less.
I liked this website because it provides the option to make direct comparison of the different supermarket store prices before actually going to shops, which is super convenient.

SuperMarkets- a website that has cool price comparison system. All you have to do is simply select the caategory and in a couple of seconds you will have price list available fo you.

Prosfores-fylladia- a Greek website that is encompass store offers, daily deals all over Greece. Additionally it has a collection of newspapers leaflets with ppromotions from different shops.
I really enjoy Prosfores Fylladia as it has one special feature- to find supermarket I am interested in that is located next to me.

Slovenian platform for shop deals comparison :
Prihrani Pri Hrani a website that compares prices on food and other goods within the largest retailers in Slovenia. Compose your own shopping list, compare supermarket prices and find out where you can save the most.
I find Prihrani Pri Hrani useful in terms of money saving as I can calculate how much I will spend on grocery beforehand and set my budget.

Lithuanian platform for shop deals comparison:
Rask Akcija a website featuring all promotions, discounts and offers from supermarkets all over Lithuania.
What I like the most about Rask Akcija is that the website does not simply lists different promotions in one place, but also has promotion subdivision into different categories, like food, beauty, etc.