Simple Ways to Save On Train Tickets

Mariya, Latvia

05/07/2017 in Travel

train journey

For me railways tickets are the cheapest and most preferred mean of transportation for middle-length trips.

I personally associate the train journeys with some romantic outings. It is always exiting for me to get on the train - even now, when I do it weekly.
Read further to understand how much you can save on train journeys. I have compared for you 7 European platforms for railway tickets.

Train search.

Train appears to be not the most convenient transport. I mean - it is not going to take you from your home to your destination. It can require some walking, because train stations are less in numbers compared to let's say - bus stops, or parking places. Train booking site are also rarely ALL-in-ONE like Goeuro. This means that you have to conduct your train search and accommodation search on different pages and book separately.

The train platforms will no search for a specific company (except Vivanoda).
Big minus to the railway sites is that they have no features for low price finders. I found it only on Voyages-sncf.

User Account features.

Most of the researched sites offer no direct booking or payment. They generate for you the desired data from multiple platforms to save you time. The actual ticket sale is operated by the carrier. Voyages-sncf, Goeuro and Railpass are not on this list as they offer direct booking.

Mobile features.

Train trips require a bit of planning it seems. 3 of the 7 researched sites have no app for on-the-go booking. Voyages-sncf on the other hand has apps, but the site is not mobile friendly.

Help and Support.

Every site has some way for customer communication. The only interesting feature that I have to report is the online chat on Goeuro. Sadly, it just simulates instant messaging. The chat recognized the keywords from your message and pulls up pre-written answers from the section FAQs. It is not actual dialog with an operator.

railway journey


The train booking sites are richer in savings than you would have expected.
Some have small non-refundable extra fees up to 15% - Goeuro and Anywayanyday. On Railpass you have to pay additionally, if you want a reserved seat.
But then you can get:
a) daily discounted and last minute deals on Voyages-sncf
b) youth discount of 35% on Railpass
c) group tickets with 15% on Railpass and Voyages-sncf
d) free tickets for kids on Eurail and Railpass
e) membership discount card on Voyages-sncf

Bon Voyage!